Upcoming forum features undergrad research on Latinx studies

JAPANESE, LATINX STUDIES, LINGUISTICS, SPANISH - The Latinx Studies Experiential Learning Program offers funding for a limited number of undergraduates to conduct research or pursue creative projects under the supervision of a faculty member. At a Feb. 13 forum, four undergrads showcased their research, which includes language revitalization, preservation and environmental justice radio reporting.

Volume on Awakening Languages announced by the Language Revitalizaton Lab

LINGUISTICS - The first volume-length work dedicated to awakening languages is now available for open access in the journal Living Languages Lenguas Vivas Línguas Vivas. The volume includes case studies about Kusunda in Nepal, African contexts, Coatec Zapotec in Mexico, and Brorán in Costa Rica, the last two written in Spanish, along with chapters on the US and Australia.

Environment Initiative awards funds to 5 teaching projects

The UO’s Environment Initiative has awarded seed funding to five new teaching projects to support faculty members who have proposed innovative courses and dynamic classroom experiences. The funding supports both research and curricular projects and focuses the intellectual energy and work of faculty, students and community partners on a just and livable future through transdisciplinary research, teaching and experiential learning.