Because cinema is inherently multidisciplinary, cinema studies majors take a diverse array of courses in the history, theory, critical analysis, aesthetics, and production of cinema. Students can earn credit in courses from across the university, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Design, and the School of Journalism and Communication.

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The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of courses in the Department of Cinema Studies.

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CINE 440/540 Southeast Asian Cinema
Instructor: Ari Purnama

This course is a survey of the cinematic arts from film-producing countries in the region known as Southeast Asia. You will be introduced to the themes, narratives, styles, and popular genres explored by filmmakers in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

Cinema class animation

CINE 305 Intro to Animation Studies
Instructor: Colin Williamson

This course introduces students to the core issues and methods in animation studies, an interdisciplinary and international field that seeks to understand the histories and theories of animated moving images. 

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CINE 410 Cinema and Censorship
Instructor: Peter Alilunas

In this course, we will explore the connections between the histories, practices, and policies of cinema censorship, and in particular the role that sex and sexualities have played in those histories, practices, and policies.