Faculty in the Department of Cinema Studies have a diverse array of expertise in history, critical analysis, aesthetics, and production. From in-depth theory to hands-on technical experience, their research and creative output span fields, eras, and the globe.

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The field of cinema studies is interdisciplinary by nature, and our faculty members often engage in research across multiple disciplines. Looking for a faculty mentor or expert in the Cinema Studies department? Discover the topics of interest on which our faculty are conducting research.

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From films to documentaries to books, our cinema studies faculty have created stimulating works of art and research.

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April 5, 2024
CINEMA STUDIES, THEATRE ARTS - Built in the late 1800s, University and Villard halls haven't been state-of-the-art in a long time. But $68 million interior and exterior construction work is bringing new life to the two iconic University of Oregon buildings, which will host new facilities for the cinema studies and theatre arts departments.
January 17, 2024
CINEMA STUDIES - Assistant Professor Masami Kawai gained insight into the importance of story last spring at the Sundance Institute in Utah. She was among those selected for a two-week workshop during which—under the eye of talents such as actor Ed Harris, a four-time Academy Award nominee—filmmakers rehearsed, shot, and edited scenes from working projects.
October 23, 2023
BIOLOGY, CINEMA STUDIES, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, GEOGRAPHY - From animals to adhesives to DJ food stamp, students in First-year Interest Groups follow their fascinations and create community.