Courses within the Humanities Program focus on helping students understand others through their cultures, histories, and forms of expression while building skills in writing and critical reading. A series of introductory surveys taught by senior faculty (HUM 101, 102, 103) introduce students to major approaches and issues in the study of the humanities. These courses are directed towards first and second-year students and may be taken independently or as a sequence. More specialized courses at both the lower and upper-division levels address specific themes in the humanities, for example: the nature of the city; the relationship between science and culture; and food as a mode of human expression.

The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate courses in the Humanities Program.

Featured Courses


woman standing in medical laboratory

HUM 240 Medical Humanities

Examines the intersection of literature, philosophy, history, and the arts with medical theory and practice.

posed photo with tea cup on top of stack of books in windowsill

HUM 245 Food, Art, and Literature

The study of food in the Ancient Greco-Roman world, ancient China, or the modern world using historical, literary, and practical approaches.

modern Italian city at night

HUM 260 Postwar European Culture

Addresses the broad history and culture of 20th century Europe through humanistic themes and texts that reflect aspects of that experience.