Experiential Learning

The study of humanities focuses on introspection, analysis, and critical thinking—but our discipline also offers diverse opportunities for experiential learning outside the classroom. By getting out into the world and experiencing different cultures, students can gain a more well-rounded understanding of the field while developing practical job skills.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London

Travel and Study Around the World

The best way to learn about different cultures is to experience them firsthand. Students in the Humanities Program have the opportunity to study abroad for a term or a full academic year.

Study Abroad

Oregon Humanities Center conference room with attendees meeting

Oregon Humanities Center

The Oregon Humanities Center is the primary interdisciplinary umbrella organization and research institute for the humanities at the UO. It sponsors a wide array of free public programs designed to provide a forum for discussion of and reflection on important issues.

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student presenting in the front of the room

UO Undergraduate Research Symposium

Many Humanities majors participate in the University of Oregon Undergraduate Research Symposium, where they can show their creative work and connect with the UO community.

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