How to Apply

Study of the humanities draws upon the many voices of the world in all their diversity, in time, in place, in gender, race, class, and age. The program welcomes all students and encourages the rational analysis of works of art and literature, and the reasoned expression of diverse points of view.

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Incoming Students

The humanities major is an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts (BA) degree program. Students working toward a Humanities major, which is designed in consultation with the program advisor, pursue their interests in a systematic and coherent way across several disciplines. Proficiency in at least one second language, a requirement for the BA degree, is central to the humanities major.

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Current UO Students

The Humanities curriculum provides opportunities for students seeking intellectual coherence and integration, awareness of cultural contexts and traditions, and connections between theory and practice. The program is designed to provide essential skills and understanding for intelligent action and preparation for a wide range of careers. To learn more about pursuing a Humanities major, contact Humanities Program Director Martha Bayless.


Scholarships & Funding

Undergraduate students seeking funding can apply for scholarships within the Humanities Program.