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Why study Comic and Cartoon Studies?

What's required to earn a minor? It's all summarized in our minor map.

Minor Map

To qualify for the minor, students must take 24 credits of approved courses:

  • Relevant mandatory course: ENG 280 Introduction to Comics Studies
  • The remaining courses may be selected from the range of comics-related courses offered through Art, Art History, Arts Administration, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Literatures, English, Ethnic Studies, Journalism, and Romance Languages.
  • All course work must be passed with a grade of mid-C or better.
  • Only two courses taken for the Minor may be used to fulfill any other minor or major.
  • All upper-division coursework for the Minor must be taken in residency at the University of Oregon.
  • No more than 12 credits may be taken in lower-division courses.
  • See all available 2022-23 Comics & Cartoon Studies Courses on the courses page.

Not all of the courses required for the minor are offered every academic year. A list of the available courses (including any special topics courses not listed above) for a given academic year is available in the English Department Office, 118 PLC. Please use this worksheet to track your progress in the Comics and Cartoon Studies Minor.

Declare or Drop the Minor

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