Comics combine images with words in a unique way in order to communicate with and emotionally engage the viewer/reader. In taking classes for this minor, students will be required to think outside of accustomed disciplinary boundaries and to analyze and experiment with the interaction of both visual and linguistic systems of meaning.

The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate courses that fulfill the Comic and Cartoon Studies minor requirements.

Featured Courses

Our interdisciplinary Comics and Cartoon Studies minor, the first of its kind in the nation, presents students with an international, historical, and critical perspective on the art of comics, from editorial cartoons to comic books to graphic novels. Check out a few of our featured classes below!

 Comics_writing for comics course

Writing for Comics
Instructor: Mat Johnson


Intro to comics course.png

ENG 280 Intro to Comic Studies
Instructor: Ben Saunders or additional faculty

This class provides an introduction to the history and art of comics and to the methodologies of the academic discipline of Comics Studies. Students will be exposed to a range of different comic-art forms (including newspaper strips, collections of serialized comic books, and free-standing graphic novels), as well as examples of contemporary comics scholarship.

Graphic arrative course

ENG 385 Graphic Narratives & Cultural Theory
Instructor: Kathrine Kelp-Stebbins


Upcoming Courses

The table below lists the upcoming courses for Comics and Cartoon Studies in the 2022-23 academic year. The table is updated as curriculum decisions are made, so check back when considering future registration choices.

Summer Term 2023

CRN Subject number title instructor
41597 ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies Kelp-Stebbins, K
41598 ENG 381M Film, Media, & Culture McGuffie, A
42711 ENG 385 Graphic Narratives & Culture Theory  Kelp-Stebbins, K

Fall Term 2023

CRN Subject Number Title Instructor
16276 ARH 350 History of Manga Walley, A
10472 ARDT 250 Print Media Digital Arts Warren, T
10486 ARTD 350 Digital Drawing Ching, I
10487 ARTD 350 Digital Drawing Vala, J
11325 COLT 370 Comparative Comics Wirtz, N 
15597 COLT 450 Topic: Asian Horror Brown, S
11726 ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies Kelp-Stebbins, K
11740 ENG 381M Film, Media, & Culture McGuffie, A
11753 ENG 407 Seminar: Writing for Comics Johnson, M
12786 JPN 250 Manga Millennium Walley, T

Winter Term 2024 (Coming Soon)

CRN Subject Number Title Instructor
  ENG 316 Women Writers' Forms: Graphic Memoir Kelp-Stebbins, K
  ENG 381M Film, Media, & Culture TBA
  ENG 385 Graphic Narratives & Cultural Theory Fickle, T

Spring Term 2024 (Coming Soon)

CRN subject number title instructor
  ENG 381M Film, Media, & Culture Rust, S