Departmental Advising & Support

Our students work with advisors at Tykeson Hall to craft an interdisciplinary path of study tailored to their individual interests. For lower-level requirements, contact the Tykeson advisors or the director of Humanities. For upper-level requirements, you will work with the director of Humanities directly.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Lower-level advising

Students who wish to discuss lower-level Humanities requirements can schedule appointments with our Tykeson College and Career Advising team via the EAB Navigate app available in the App Store or Google Play. Please visit the Office of Academic Advising website for information about appointments and hours of operation.

Upper-level advising

Students working on upper-level Humanities requirements should contact the director of Humanities for help developing their course of study.

Martha Bayless
Advisor and Humanities Program Director

Phone: 541-346-3930
Office: 344 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall (PLC)
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Why study Humanities?

What’s required to earn a degree? It's all summarized in our major map. Note: The degree plan shown is only a sample of how students may complete their degrees in four years. Students should consult their advisor to determine the best path for them.