Major Requirements

The humanities major is an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts (BA) degree program. Proficiency in at least one second language, a requirement for the BA degree, is central to the humanities major. Although majors are not required to do more than meet the BA requirement, it is strongly recommended that they continue language study in upper-division courses.

Grades of mid-C or better must be earned in courses taken to satisfy major requirements. For graduation, humanities majors must maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in required courses. No upper-division course may be used to satisfy more than one major requirement.

A series of more specialized courses also meets Group I, Arts and Letters, requirements. Such courses are taught at least once a year. For specific information on material covered in each course, consult the Course Catalog or see the list below.  You can also consult our list of Current Courses.

Students must earn more than 90 credits total.

Requirement 1: Introduction to the Major

Choose one of the following:

  • Complete at least two of the following courses:
    • HUM 101
    • HUM 102
    • HUM 103
  • Complete the upper division course HUM 300.

Requirement 2: Breadth

Complete a course in each of the following. Each course must be at least 4 credits and listed in the course catalogue as "Group Satisfying." At least two of the courses must be upper division.

  • Ancient World
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • The Arts

Requirement 3: Concentration

Complete seven courses within your area of concentration. Courses must meet the following guidelines:

  • The courses selected must total at least 28 upper division credits.
  • No more than 3 courses can be from the same department.
  • Submit a one-page description justifying the courses you have selected.

Why study Humanities?

What’s required to earn a degree? It's all summarized in our major map. Note: The degree plan shown is only a sample of how students may complete their degrees in four years. Students should consult their advisor to determine the best path for them.