Internships / Practicum / Field Studies

The Department of Classics offers classical archaeology excavations in Pompeii. Excavations at Pompeii are part of the longest running archaeological "laboratory" in the world. Since the mid-18th century, archaeologists have tested and developed new methodologies and technologies at the site, leading to important advances in the field. Because of the site's state of preservation, Pompeii can potentially answer a nearly limitless range of questions about ancient Roman urbanization. To excavate in Pompeii is to have one's trowel on the pulse of cutting-edge archaeological research.

To participate, please contact Professor Kevin Dicus for information.

The Department of Classics also offers work that prepares students to teach Latin in Oregon public secondary schools. Licensure as a secondary teacher requires completion of a graduate-level teacher preparation program. All work for the Latin endorsement should be completed prior to entering the teacher preparation program.

For specific information about departmental requirements for the Latin endorsement, students should contact the department adviser for teacher education and the Office of Academic Advising and Student Services, Tykeson College and Career Advising, 6328 University of Oregon. Office: Tykeson Hall