Our research approaches the ancient Greek and Roman world from many directions. We not only focus on the ancient languages, Greek and Latin, and the archaeological record, but we also engage with modern theoretical approaches and the digital humanities. Current faculty projects include: the study of Roman love-elegy from a post-colonial perspective; new interpretations of Greek lyric poetry; the management of garbage in ancient cities; a new translation of Aristotle’s treatise on the weather; and digital commentaries on texts. An archaeological dig in Tolfa, Italy, provides students with an exciting opportunity to participate in hands-on research.

column base at Erechtheion, Athens

Lowenstam Collection of Ancient Western Art and Archaeology

The 35mm slide collection of University of Oregon Classics professor Steven Lowenstam (1945–2003) was compiled over a lifetime of scholarship and inquiry into the visual culture of the Classical world. The collection was digitized in the UO Libraries Visual Resources Collection and is available to research through the UO and Oregon State University Libraries.

Lowenstam Collection

Research Interests

Roman Poetry of the Republic and the Augustan Age
Colonialism and Imperialism in the Ancient Greco-Roman World
Greek Lyric Poetry
Classical Archaeology
The Archaeology of Pompeii
Food in the Ancient Greco-Roman World
The History of Science

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Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Classics embraces the study of the Greco-Roman world in all its complexity and diversity. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes the study of languages, and material culture, history, literature, and philosophy. Accordingly, we encourage students to take courses in such related disciplines as history, art history, anthropology, comparative literature, philosophy, and theatre arts.

porta di stabia neighborhood in pompeii with mount vesuvius in background

Recent Publications

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Recent Publications


February 26, 2024
CLASSICS, THEATRE ARTS - Directed by Tara Wibrew, the University Theatre’s production of Antigone opens March 1 and runs through March 17. The production is a product of College of Arts and Sciences students’ hands-on learning, applying concepts learned in classrooms to the stage in Robinson Theatre on the Eugene campus.