Students in the Department of Romance Languages can take courses in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or Romance languages. Students who have a personal, familial or community connection to Spanish can take courses through our Spanish Heritage Language Program.

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Featured Courses

Potrait of French writer Jean-Jaques Rouseau

FR 318 Monarchy, Liberty, Revolution

Introduction to major themes and ideas in French literature from the 17th and 18th centuries through the reading of representative texts.


latinx students at an event

SPAN 218 Latino Heritage I

Designed for heritage learners—students who grew up with Spanish in their community and want to build communication skills in Spanish. Content focuses on personal experiences in U.S. Latino communities.

Appetizer plate at a restaurant in Italy

ITAL 350 Global Histories of Italian Food

The story of Italian food is a tale of global trade, revealing the historic connections between Italy and the world. Each weekly seminar explores the relationship between an Italian city and a different world capital to illustrate how far-flung empires have shaped Italy’s regional cuisines.