How to Apply

Within the Department of Romance Languages, students have endless opportunities to combine majors and minors to create a course of study aligned with their passions and career goals. Double major in multiple languages or combine the language of your choice with another major or minor.

Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Interested in diving deep into one or more Romance languages? At the University of Oregon, you’ll study under the guidance of specialists with broad expertise in all aspects of the Romance-speaking world, from literature and linguistics to history and culture.

Current Students

Current UO Students

Studying a Romance language not only builds your linguistic skills, but it also provides a broad understanding of the literature and culture—both modern and historical. A Romance language major complements majors in many other fields, including comparative literature, history, the arts, communications, international relations, and business.

Explore Our Majors and Minors

Exploring majors and minors? Looking for more information about a specific major or minor? Browse our major and minor maps to find the right combination for you.

Graduate Programs

How to Apply to Graduate Programs

Students interested in graduate study within the Department of Romance Languages can pursue an MA in Romance languages, French, Italian, or Spanish or a PhD in Romance languages or Spanish.

Scholarships and Funding

The Department of Romance Languages awards multiple scholarships to current undergraduate and graduate students who are declared majors or minors within the department. Learn more about available scholarships and eligibility requirements.