Departmental Advising and Support

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Undergraduate Advising & Support Services

Undergraduate students are encouraged to meet with the undergraduate advisor, Cristina Calhoon, to discuss their interest in Classics. Cristina will guide students through several options for majors and minors to select the best fit for each student.

Why study Classics? What’s required for a degree? It’s all summarized in our major maps across our five classical concentrations:

Classics: Classical Archaeology Concentration 

Classics: Classical Civilization Concentration 

Classics: Greek & Latin Concentration 

Classics: Greek Concentration 

Classics: Latin Concentration

Once a focus in Classics has been chosen, students can then meet with Tykeson Advising to discuss the rest of their academic plans.

Meet Department Advisors

Cristina Calhoon (Senior Instructor and advisor)

Schedule an appointment with Tykeson Advising

Get help scheduling a virtual or in-person appointment through Tykeson College and Career Advising.

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Declare or change the Classics major or minor

Take the next step in your academic career and join the Department of Classics, or change your major or minor.  

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