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A bachelor’s degree in Classics prepares students for all sorts of careers.

Potential employers in business look favorably upon Classics students because they understand that Classics majors have developed strong analytic skills, both through the study of the primary languages (Greek and Latin) and through the study of Classics in English translation.

Furthermore, many prestigious professional schools look upon schooling in the Classics with greater favor than upon schooling in preprofessional programs (such as in business or in journalism). Accordingly, students graduating from classics departments throughout the country have notable success in schools of law, medicine, and business. 

Why study Classics? Read about examples of career paths and actual alumni jobs across our five classical concentrations:

Below, find several professional and scholarly organizations for the field of Classics. These organizations can help students network, find mentors and browse job placements.

Classics Societies

Society for Classical Studies

American Classical League

Archaeological Institute of America

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest