English Fields of Research Focus

19th Century American Literary Studies (🢁 back)

19th Century British Literary Studies (🢁 back)

African American Literary and Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

American Studies (🢁 back)

Asian American Literary Studies and Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

Autobiography Studies (🢁 back)

Colonial, Settler Colonial, and Postcolonial Studies (🢁 back)

Comics and Cartoon Studies (🢁 back)

Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

Digital Humanities (🢁 back)

Disability Studies (🢁 back)

Drama and Performance Studies (🢁 back)

Early American Literary Studies (🢁 back)

Environmental Humanities (🢁 back)

Film, Television, and Media Studies (🢁 back)

Folklore (🢁 back)

Food Studies (🢁 back)

Gender, Sexuality, Queer, and Trans Studies (🢁 back)

Globalization Studies (🢁 back)

Irish Literary Studies (🢁 back)

Latinx Literary and Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

Literary and Critical Theory (🢁 back)

Literatures of the Americas (🢁 back)

Medieval Literary and Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

Modernism Studies (🢁 back)

Native American and Indigenous Literary and Cultural Studies (🢁 back)

Poetry and Poetics (🢁 back)

Postmodern and Contemporary Literary Studies (🢁 back)

Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity (🢁 back)

Religion and Mythology (🢁 back)

Renaissance/Early Modern Literary Studies (🢁 back)

Rhetoric, Composition, and Composition Pedagogy (🢁 back)

Restoration and 18th Century Literary Studies (🢁 back

Science, Technology/Texts and Society

The Novel (🢁 back)

Travel Writing (🢁 back)

Visual Culture (🢁 back)

*Graduate faculty who work in field are listed after each field, please note this is in active update of assigning faculty notation for who works in field, questions can be directed to engl@uoregon.edu 

Special note for applicants interested in specializing in film, television, and/or media: MA and PhD students working in these fields take courses and work with faculty in both the English and Cinema Studies departments. MAs and PhDs in film or television are administratively housed in English, but faculty in field are found in both departments – see the many Cinema Studies faculty here. Film and television studies PhD students will receive teacher training in both units but will do much of their teaching in Cinema Studies. Also check out University of Oregon’s graduate certificate in New Media and Culture