Specialization Requirements

Politics, Culture and Identity Requirements 

  • The completion of 16 credits of approved specialization-related curriculum offered at the 600-level. At least 4 of those credits must come from the Department of English and at least 4 must come from the Department of Political Science. 
  • The completion of one term of a colloquia course (1 credit; P/NP;  ENG 608 Wrk Coll Pol/Cul/Ident; offered during spring term) 
  • The completion of and two terms of a dissertation writing course (1 credit each; P/NP;  ENG 608 Wrk Diss Pol/Cul/Ident; offered in fall and spring terms) 
  • At least one member of the student’s dissertation committee must be a PCI participating faculty member. 
  • The student’s dissertation must have a substantive focus on themes of politics, culture, and identity 

PCI Completion Process 

During your term of graduation from your PhD program, meet with Associate Professor Lara Bovilsky, chair of the PCI coordinating committee, to review the PCI Completion Checklist. When you apply to graduate with the Graduate School, be sure to select the PCI Graduate Specialization. 

Bring a completed checklist and your UO transcript (unofficial). Once you have the form completed and signed, submit these materials to the English Graduate Coordinator (PLC 118) no later than Noon on the Friday of Dead Week. 

PCI Forms: 

File PCI Application Cover


File Graduate Specialization Declaration


File PCI Completion Checklist


Apply to the Politics, Culture and Identity Specialization 

Any currently matriculated PhD student at the University of Oregon may apply to the PCI specialization. 

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Coordinator

​​​​​Kathy Furrer, kfurrer@uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-1501
Fall Term:
  • Monday: Working Remotely (available by email)  
  • Tuesday-Friday: 8:30-Noon/1-3:30pm