Master's Degree Requirements

MA Degree Requirements 

  • English 690, Introduction to Graduate Studies 
  • Two courses, one each from two ranges of three chronological areas 
  • NINE additional seminars (altogether, the equivalent of two courses per quarter for two years.) 
  • Reading knowledge of a foreign language 
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50 
  • Residency requirement of nine approved graduate seminars taken in the University of Oregon English Department

Apply to the English Master’s Program 

Working toward the master’s degree is an excellent way to develop critical prose writing skills; to build on knowledge of literature, theory, film, and folklore; and to take advantage of our teacher training program. Find out how to apply here.  

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Coordinator

Kathy Furrer, 

Phone: 541-346-1501

Fall Term: Monday: Working Remotely (available by email)

Tuesday-Friday: 8:30-Noon/1-3:30pm