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The University of Oregon offers programs for the study of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages and cultures. You can live, study and travel in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, in countries such as Bolivia, France, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

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Featured Study Abroad Opportunities

This program, administered by Global Education Oregon (GEO), offers internship opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors and locations around the world.

Internship opportunities are highly customizable, and we guarantee placement in your preferred sector and location. Students earn up to eight UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture. Please email to discuss your options.

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Students can enroll as an exchange student at a top international research institution for a semester (fall or fall/winter), spring quarter, full academic year, or summer term. Exchange students experience an immersive study abroad experience, living and learning with local students in their chosen city.

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Tips for Choosing a Study Abroad Program

Before going abroad students should consult their assigned major or minor advisor about the selection of a program and the courses to be taken within that program.

  • Choose a program that offers a maximum of immersion (e.g., living with host families or local students, coursework entirely in the target language, direct university enrollment opportunities, etc.).
  • Longer programs offer you more opportunity to acclimate to the language, to be more fully immersed in the local culture, and to form meaningful relationships with people from the host country.
  • Courses in which the readings and/or lectures are in English do NOT count toward majors or minors in the Department of Romance Languages, or the UO B.A. second language requirement.
  • Students in all University of Oregon overseas study programs enroll in courses with subject codes that are unique to individual programs. Special course numbers are reserved for overseas study. Your UO advisor can help you determine course equivalencies to maximize the credits you can apply to requirements for your degree(s).

Study French Abroad

Global Education Oregon offers several opportunities to in France, including exchange programs in Paris, Lyon, and Poitiers.

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This direct enroll program is designed for you to immerse yourself in the French language (regardless of language ability) while also learning about French culture, politics and society. The program offers classes covering many disciplines, with coursework in history, sociology, political science, business and French culture and civilization. You will study at the international language institute (CIDEF) of the Université Catholique de l’Ouest (the Catholic University of the West), taking courses with US and other international students.

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The city of Poitiers has a history of serving as a university center since the Middle Ages. The University of Poitiers was established in 1431 by Pope Eugene IV and King Charles VII, and is known for educating many famous philosophers and scientists – including François Rabelais and René Descartes, Joachim du Bellay, Guez de Balzac – throughout the ages. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe. There are currently over 26,000 students attending the University of Poitiers, 4,000 of which are international students.

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Get a head start on your UOregon academic career by exploring the cultural and social legacies of France as manifested in its second largest city, Lyon. While using a task-based approach to language learning to gain a basic foundation in French, we will examine historical, artistic, architectural, literary, and cultural artifacts associated with France! With many theme-related excursions, short films, and brief but interesting readings in English, this course will prepare you well for a great beginning at the UO next fall! Program dates: June 28th-July 20th! Click the link below for contact and application information.

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Study Italian Abroad

Global Education Oregon (GEO) offers several opportunities to study in Italy, including programs in Siena, Lecce, and the Dolomite Mountains, as well as an exchange program in Pavia. At the GEO Center in Siena, dedicated on-site staff arrange housing, organize excursions, offer on-site orientations, and connect students to to unique experiential learning and professional development opportunities.

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Combine the study of Italian language (for absolute beginners to advanced) with courses in fields including anthropology, art history, communications, economics, food and culture, history and political science. You can elect to enroll in Italian semi-intensive language courses for 50 contact hours at the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. In addition to Italian language courses, you can enroll in one to three additional courses offered on-site to round out your Italian cultural experience. In addition to the GEO courses offered on-site, you can also opt to enroll in an extra-curricular Italian cooking course.

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The Lecce program offers you an opportunity to learn Italian language at an accelerated pace through intensive study and immersion in the Italian culture. This program can accommodate you, whether you want to begin or continue the study of the Italian language, at any level. You can earn the equivalent of a full year of Italian language (e.g. 201, 202, and 203) in just two months, while spending your summer in the popular tourist destination of southern Italy. In addition to intensive language courses, the program includes excursions around the local area. 

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Study Portuguese Abroad

Students interested in studying in a Portuguese-speaking country can find programs through Global Education Oregon as well as the Council on International Educational Exchange and the School for International Training.

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Dig into social issues and challenge your perspectives with a semester in São Paulo. Using Brazil as a case study, take on a curriculum focused on understanding the dynamics of global poverty and inequality. Beyond thematic coursework, a semester with CET Brazil also includes pre-departure materials, on-site orientation, Portuguese language class, housing with local students, and a Traveling Seminar. 

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While spending the semester immersed in Portuguese culture at CIEE Lisbon, you will learn from the best professors while taking courses in English or Portuguese at CIEE Lisbon and CIEE’s partner schools: FCSH-UNL (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and ISCTE-IUL (Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e de Empresas-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa).

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Study Spanish Abroad

Global Education Oregon (GEO) offers several opportunities to study in Spanish-speaking countries, including programs in Spain and Mexico. At the GEO Centers in Oviedo and Segovia, dedicated on-site staff arrange housing, organize excursions, offer on-site orientations, and connect students to to unique experiential learning and professional development opportunities. Students can find additional programs through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and the School for International Training (SIT).

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This program is designed for you to learn Spanish language through immersion. You can take intermediate or advanced Spanish, as well as courses on Mexican history, literature, and culture. Mexico is an ideal location to continue your Spanish language studies, as the pronunciation, vocabulary, and colloquial expressions used in Mexico are also commonly heard in the U.S., offering you a smoother linguistic transition between the two countries. You will study at the downtown campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), which is close to Querétaro's beautiful historic district. As part of the immersive experience, you will live with a Mexican host family and have the chance to interact with Mexican students on campus

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You will take your core language courses in Spanish (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels) through the Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas para Extranjeros (ELE) at the University of Oviedo. At ELE you will attend courses with US and other international students. A cross-cultural communications course, taught in English, is conducted by local faculty. Oviedo is located in the province of Asturias; known as Spain's "Paraíso Natural" or "Natural Paradise." It has a reputation for being one of the safest and cleanest cities Spain, offering great quality of life for students. The hospitality and warmth of the Asturian people coupled with the absence of mass tourism and low presence of English speaking visitors in the region are the keys to Oviedo’s strength as a student learning environment for cultural and linguistic immersion.

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This four-week program will allow students to fully immerse themselves in the beautiful city of Oviedo while studying the languages and literatures of Spain with Professor David Wacks from the University of Oregon’s Spanish Department. Oviedo is located in Spain’s northern green coast at the foot of the Aramo mountains in the region of Asturias. It has a reputation for being one of the safest and cleanest cities in Spain, full of pedestrian streets, sidewalk cafes, markets and cider houses. Students will enroll in two 300 level Spanish courses taught by Professor Wacks. Both courses can be applied toward the Spanish minor or major at the University of Oregon. Courses will be held at the University of Oviedo campus and will include ample opportunities to explore the course content through field trips to locations in and around Oviedo. 

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Additional Study Abroad Programs in Spanish 

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Buenos Aires (SIT)

Arica (SIT)     
Santiago (CIEE) (SIT)     
Valparaíso (SIT)     

Dominican Republic      
Santiago de los Caballeros (CIEE)

Quito (SIT)     

Oaxaca (SIT)     
Yucatan (CIEE)     

Cuzsco (SIT)

Alcalá de Henares (CIEE)     
Alicante (CIEE)     
Barcelona (CIEE)     
Madrid (CIEE)     
Seville (CIEE)

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